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1-character Chinese tattoo collection
safe, safety, security; peaceful, serenity, tranquility; to pacify, set at ease; to install
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Chinese text:

The meanings in Chinese:

safe, safety, security

peaceful, serenity, tranquility

to pacify

set at ease

to be satisfied

to install

place in a suitable position

An, Ann, transliterating character

An, On, Chinese surname
Chinese Surnames Collection

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pronunciation: ān an~1

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recommended words or phrases:

ease and happiness, peaceful and happy
ease and happiness
peaceful and happy

snug de, cosy nest, love nest; a place of ease and comfort
snug den
cosy nest
love nest
a place of ease and comfort

safe, safety, security, safe and secure
safe and secure

sense of security
sense of security

traffic safety, road traffic safety
traffic safety
road traffic safety

peaceful and serene, tranquil and serene, composed and unruffled
peaceful and serene
tranquil and serene
composed and unruffled

repose, serenity, tranquil, tranquility, undisturbed, quiet and peaceful
quiet and peaceful

R.I.P. rest in peace
rest in peace

feel at ease, be be relieved, have peace of mind, set one's mind at rest
feel at ease
be be relieved
have peace of mind
set one's mind at rest

carefree, feel at ease, peace of mind, free from anxiety
feel at ease
peace of mind
free from anxiety

stable, to stabilize, free from worry
to stabilize
free from worry

console, comfort, soothe
to console
to comfort
to soothe

sleep peacefully
sleep peacefully

safe and sound, tranquil and peace
safe and sound
tranquil and peace

peace and good health
peace and good health

peace and harmony
peace and harmony

quiet, silence, tranquillity

settle down, live peacefully, live in peace
settle down
live peacefully
live in peace

peacefully, safe and sound, free from worry; escape unscathed
safe and sound
free from worry
escape unscathed

Good morning
Good morning

Good night
Good night

public security, social security
public security
social security

equal, equality, equal treatment
equal, equality
equal treatment

safe and well, safe and sound, free from danger
safe and well
safe and sound
free from danger

peace all year round; May you have a peace year
peace all year round
May you have a peace year.

Safe and sound for whole family; Best wishes to your family
Safe and sound for whole family.
Best wishes to your family.

go with the flow; reconcile oneself to any situation; at ease with one's current situation; feel at ease under all circumstances
go with the flow
reconcile oneself to any situation
at ease with one's current situation
feel at ease under all circumstances

Since you are here you'd better relax; Since we have come, let us stay and enjoy it; Since we are here, we may as well stay and make the best of it
Since you are here you'd better relax.
Since we have come, let us stay and enjoy it.
Since we are here, we may as well stay and make the best of it.

Eight Chinese Characters 八字
Convert your Birth Year, Month, Day, Hour into
Eight Chinese Characters 八字 in lunar calendar,
- Heavenly Stem 天干 and Earthly Branch 地支 -
used in traditional Chinese horoscope, matchmaking, fortune telling

Example for the Eight Chinese Characters 八字

Eight Chinese Characters 八字
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