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alike, same, equal; with, together
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Chinese text:

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with, together

related keywords:
together with

pronunciation: tóng tong~2

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recommended words or phrases:

one heart, concerted efforts, together with one heart, make concerted efforts, work in full cooperation
one heart
concerted efforts
together with one heart
make concerted efforts
work in full cooperation

pity, sympathy, compassion, commiseration, feel pity for, sympathize, show sympathy
feel pity for
to sympathize
show sympathy

empathy, sympathy, common feeling, share the feelings of another, understanding between people, place oneself in others' position, put oneself in someone else's shoes
common feeling
share the feelings of another
understanding between people
place oneself in others' position
put oneself in someone else's shoes

agree, agreement, approve, approval, assent to, consent to, say yes to
to agree
to approve
assent to
consent to
say yes to

same sex, same gender, of the same sex
same sex
same gender
of the same sex

homosexual, homosexuality, gayness

lesbian, homosexual woman
homosexual woman

gay, homosexual man
homosexual man

same, alike, identical

identification, sense of identity, identify oneself with
sense of identity
identify oneself with

Hearts united together forever, May you always Be of one heart, Keep true lover's knot forever
Hearts united together forever.
May you always Be of one heart.
Keep true lover's knot forever.

Like No Other, out of the ordinary, unique an distinctive, stand out from the masses, different from other people
Like No Other
out of the ordinary
unique an distinctive
stand out from the masses
different from other people

to be with you, be on your side, succeed with you, make it with you
to be with you
be on your side
succeed with you
make it with you

go through thick and thin together, share bliss and misfortune together, share happiness and suffering together
go through thick and thin together
share bliss and misfortune together
share happiness and suffering together

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