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the title given to Gautama Siddhartha,
the religious teacher and founder of Buddhism

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pronunciation: fo~2

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Chinese symbol for Buddha

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Buddha, Gautama Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, Siddhārtha Gautama
Gautama Buddha
Shakyamuni Buddha
Siddhārtha Gautama

Buddhism, a widespread Asian religion or philosophy
a widespread Asian religion or philosophy

Buddha dharma, Buddhist doctrine, power of Buddha
Buddha dharma
Buddhist doctrine
power of Buddha

sutra, Buddhist Scripture
Buddhist Scripture

Buddhist statue, Buddhist image
Buddhist statue
Buddhist image

Buddhist temple
Buddhist temple

Buddha Dharma Sangha the three treasures in Buddhism
Buddha Dharma Sangha
(three treasures in Buddhism)

Buddhist, adherent of Buddhism
adherent of Buddhism

Amitabha Buddha, May Buddha preserve us
Amitabha Buddha
May Buddha preserve us.

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Eight Chinese Characters 八字
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Eight Chinese Characters 八字 in lunar calendar,
- Heavenly Stem 天干 and Earthly Branch 地支 -
used in traditional Chinese horoscope, matchmaking, fortune telling

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Eight Chinese Characters 八字
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